Details About the New Navigation Update– May 2017

A great many of the features and tools that appear in Edelweiss are there as a result of great feedback and requests from our super-smart users. In the time that Edelweiss+ has been live, we’ve received lots of such feedback, much of which has already resulted in many small changes throughout the site, and many more will result in changes and updates as we move forward. Sometimes the feedback we receive can result in larger changes that require a bit more of a “rollout,” one of which is a new navigation interface.
 Now, Filter/Refine options will show in a handy column on the left hand side of the screen. You’ll be able to filter by the usual elements you’re used to, whether you’re looking for Rep Suggestions, Subject, Tags, Order Status, Format, etc. In addition, the Category options will be a bit easier to work with, and the publication date refinement options will go a little deeper as well. So, rather than all of those filter options being contained in somewhat hidden drop-down menus at the top of the screen, you’ll now see them here, in a column on the left-hand side of the screen:
 Your filter options include Review Copy availability, bibliographic elements (Format, Pub Date, etc.), Categories (including both main BISAC categories, and genre options), as well as sales rep activity (like Suggestions, Tags, Markup Notes, and Priority), and your own organization’s activities (like Orders, Tags, Notes, etc.). You’ll even see community activity filters for Review and Shelf activity. These will all be quite visible, but can be hidden if you prefer, as well.
 You’ll be able to “pin” the filters column in place if you like, so you can scroll through the titles independent of the filter list.
Sort options will remain at the top of the screen, like so:
The tools found in Other Actions (Add to Collection, Show/Hide Elements, etc.) will also remain at the top of your page.
Note the Select All and Clear All actions there, as well. This is where you can select all titles in a list to print, add to a collection, etc.
At the same time, we’re introducing a new ‘Two Column View‘ that will allow you to view lists of titles much quicker than before:
This view will be useful for those times in which you want to scroll through a list of titles, like available digital review copies, for example. You’ll want to use the Full View when working on orders and such in order to be able to view the complete title information, summary, author bio, comp titles, etc.
Essentially, these two changes should streamline the process of filtering, provide greater visibility of your filter/refinement options, and allow for quicker (and less) scrolling.