Edelweiss+ Release Notes – 10.7.2016

Edelweiss+ Release Notes is a focused maintenance update which includes fixes for reported issues and specific improvements based on beta test and current user feedback. Highlights include DRC fixes and legacy compatibility with category code visibility in Edelweiss+.


  • Added select all option to the orders page view
  • Link back to legacy Edelweiss


  • An issue with store category visibility between legacy site and Edelweiss +
  • DRC download preference settings are now functional
  • Saving issues on Title Admin screen
  • Ability to edit publisher information pages
  • Error appearing when marking orders complete
  • Guest (non-logged in) users visibility to shared markups
  • Various tool tip updates
  • Sharing and emailing markups with an organization group now only sends an email to those users listed in the contacts of the account sharing the markup