Edelweiss+ Release Notes – 9.16.16

Edelweiss+ Release Notes is a focused maintenance update which includes fixes for reported issues and specific improvements based on beta test and current user feedback. Highlights include updates to the list view including for faster page load and better overall presentation. Also, the ability for reviewers to refine lists by reviewed status to easily view the status of titles they have and have not reviewed.


  • Type to find… auto-fill option added to order sharing page for retailers
  • De-emphasized community activity on list view to give a better overall page presentation
  • Updates to rep’s comp title markup functionality – ability to feature comp titles using star icons.
  • Added Reviewed/Reviewed and submitted/Not Reviewed to refinement options
  • Extend Title / Subtitle visibility across the width of the list view
  • Add category to comp title attributes
  • Improvement to retailer comp page loads for Treeline Analytic stores
  • Updated Edelweiss+ image to include ‘Beta’ beta


  • Issue with certain stores not being able to edit store categories
  • DRC rejection notices included submitter avatar
  • Various Rep account comp title editing fixes
  • Delay in accessing add comp titles page for rep users
  • Issue with cached publisher page landing in the location on each visit to Dashboard
  • Intermittent issue with  Other Actions > Show All Comps and or Content not working
  • Eliminated the Jump To link on the list view. Emphasizing the ‘Type here to find title….’