Librarians-Navigation-Customize Your Dashboard

To customize your Dashboard begin by clicking on the Preferences icon that looks like a crossed wrench and a screwdriver and is found in the top right portion of your screen.


This will bring up a menu that looks like this:


Drag and drop the different element icons to establish the order you would like them to appear on your dashboard based on which sections of the site you use the most, or using whatever criteria you choose.

If there are areas of the site that you do not use you can drop them in the “Elements Not Shown” section and it will not appear on your dashboard. When you are done editing click the save icon at the bottom of the popup.

If you decide you do not like the way that your Dashboard is turning our you can always click on the “Restore Default” to go back to the standard appearance.

You can also easily simply grab a section of your dashboard and drag it to the location you deem best:


Each section, or “dashboard lane” is customizable as well. For example the Review Copies dashboard lane can show titles available to download right away, added to the site in a time frame of your choosing, titles available for request, all available titles, or you can even see titles based on your own download or request activity. If you request a lot of DRC’s, you can set this dashboard lane to show titles for which your request has been recently approved.


Again, you can do this for each of the dashboard lanes on your dashboard.

Note, the Publisher list on the left side of your dashboard can show either a visual list of publisher logos, or a simply listing of the publishers:


Your Catalogs Dashboard Lane has the same sort or view option:


If a particular dashboard lane does not have any data (it’s « empty ») it will show like so:


This account has never used Tags or the Shelves/Reviews functions in Edelweiss, and so the dashboard lanes have nothing to show.