Librarians-Navigation-Finding Catalogs

When you go to the Dashboard on Edelweiss+ (depending on the preferences you have established) you will see a Catalogs dashboard lane that will show available catalogs in a number of different ‘pockets’ including your most recently viewed, your Work List, recently shared markups, etc.


You can find new catalogs to view, either for ordering or just for browsing, in a number of different ways.

The first is to search for them:


You can search within a specific time frame, as well as within specific publishers. Note, keywords are the most helpful here.

If you know that you are looking for a catalog from a certain publisher you can select that publisher from the list that appears on the left side of the dashboard.


Once you click into a publisher either from the Dashboard or the list view. you will see a complete list of the catalogs that are available for public viewing from that publisher. You have the option to sort these catalogs by name, publisher, or date added.


Note that each publisher may organize their catalogs a bit differently.

You can also find catalogs on the Catalogs page:SNAG_Program-1469

Here you will see again your recently viewed titles, shared markups, etc. Note that you can search for catalogs here, too.