Librarians-Navigation-Navigating the Dashboard

The Dashboard is the home base for everything that happens in Edelweiss+. Depending on which aspects of Edelweiss you use the most, you can customize the way that different elements of Edelweiss will appear. You can find a link to instructions for customizing your Dashboard here.

When you are on the dashboard you will see elements for Catalogs, Buzz, Review Copies, People, My Reading, Tags, and Orders. You can also hide any of these elements that you do not use. These elements each can be scrolled through horizontally using these arrows:


The Publishers section is the only section that appears vertically and can be found on the left side of the page.

You an also enter any of these sections of the site using the links at the top of the page:


From the dashboard you also have the option to change your market.  This tool appears at the top of the page:


And will bring up options that look like this:2016-07-18_16-45-27

If you see something that you would like to click into on the Dashboard such as a title or a catalog you can do so directly from the Dashboard by hovering over it and clicking on the yellow arrow that will appear on it


You’ll see options for taking a number of different actions on a title or a catalog. For example, you can quickly (right from your dashboard) add a title to a shelf, write a review, add a tag, and more to a title.


This icon will « Hide » a title if it’s just not something you’re interested in.


One of the best parts about this Dashboard, is that it is extremely customizable. You can pretty much just see the stuff you want, if you like, in the order that you like, and even hide the tools you don’t use. Details about customizing the Dashboard can be found here.