Reviewer Quick Tips

A few tips to help you get acclimated to Edelweiss+:

To view all your Downloaded titles:

  • On your Review Copies lane > select the arrow show below to open the available lane elements.
  • Then, select the Calendar icon next to ‘Downloaded’


  • Here you can set to this to view all titles downloaded in the last 3 years (or whatever time frame you would like)timeframe
  • Close out of the Time Frame: screen and click the circle next to Downloads to change what you are viewing in this lane to all downloaded titles within the last 3 years.

downlaoded into lane

  • To view as a list, select the ‘View as list’ icon shown here:view as list
  • You will now be viewing all titles you’ve downloaded in the last 3 years.
  • To filter this list to see only titles you have downloaded and not yet reviewed, use the ‘Refine’ feature here:

refine reviews

  • Here you can enter and submit reviews if you would like:submit review

We’ve also just added an even easier way to view titles you’ve downloaded but not yet reviewed here on the Review Copies lane:

not reviewed

Another tip is to move your Review Copies and My Reading Dashboard to the top of your Dashboard page for easy access: You can drag and drop them be clicking and holding the grey box shown below – or go to your Preferences Page > Dashboard Preferences and customize there.

move lanes