Edelweiss+ Release Notes – 10.24.2016

Edelweiss+ Release Notes is a focused maintenance update which includes fixes for reported issues and specific improvements based on beta test and current user feedback. Highlights include creating an opt in for Edelweiss Community to enhance Buzz features and various fixes base on customer feedback from beta.


  • Added opt in/out option on the Profiles > Affiliation page for Edelweiss Community. Opting in gives the  user visibility to Buzz information of all other users in the community.
  • Made visible the name of the person who shared a particular collection from within the list of catalogs.
  • Added Amazon Books affiliation
  • Added visibility to title measurements


  • An issue with rep’s added text not appearing in shared markup emails
  • Newly created orders now default to that order and account after creation
  • An issue with filtering by account on rep Orders page
  • Various UI cleanup
  • An issue with ISBN’s that include  ‘X’ impacting title admin abilities