Edelweiss+ Release Notes – 6.9.16

Edelweiss+ Release Notes is a focused maintenance update which includes fixes for reported issues and specific improvements based on beta test and current user feedback. Highlights include additional refinement to My Search Filters as well as the ability to hide titles on the Review Copy dashboard element.


  • Updated Catalog element icons: moved title count indication below cover image and added a click into the catalog from this hover over. Also combined catalog actions in ‘+’ icon badge.

cat update

  • Updated and activated ordering privileges for applicable orgs and suppressed for others
  • Added ability to click directly into catalogs using the hover icon
  • Added ability to hide titles on the Review Copy element



  • Added Carton qty display to biblio detail
  • Fixed issue with certain Buzz titles not being identified correctly
  • Fixed issue with certain Reviews not being identified correctly
  • Jump to enhancements – increased accuracy in landing location