Thank you for participating in our Edelweiss+Analytics beta program! We’re planning to move existing Treeline Analytics users to the new integrated experience in Q1 of next year. We’d love to get your feedback on the work we’ve done so far. Your input will help us ensure that the product is awesome for our users and the transition is smooth.

You should now have access to Analytics within Edelweiss. We recommend watching the video before you log in to learn more about what you will see. Keep in mind that not everything in this demo environment is perfectly polished, and not all functionality is there yet. For example, right now we’re working on adding the Performance Comparison (formerly « Prioritize on Metrics »), trend analysis, and Location/Peer Comparisons. If these are completed during the beta test period, we will let you know. If you have questions, feel free to access the Help resources in the sidebar or contact us.

As you explore the new platform, please try to complete these tasks:

  1. Find Analytics on your homepage or in the top navigation bar of Edelweiss+
  2. Set yourself up to receive at least one emailed report
  3. Explore the reports that are currently complete: Most Popular Titles, Not Yet Released Titles, Catalog Analysis, and Stock Analysis
  4. For a given title, explore the « Wholesaler Availability » and « Cross-Store View »

We know that life as a bookseller is always busy, and we value your time. Our goal is to capture beta user feedback by November 17th. Please complete the simple survey below on your beta experience. (If you prefer, you’re welcome to email or call me instead.)

Beta Feedback Survey


Again, many thanks for your time and insight.


Ruth Bradstreet

Edelweiss+Analytics Product Management