Librarians-Navigation-My Edelweiss

Your « My Edelweiss » portion of your dashboard is where you’ll see a lot of what’s happening in Edelweiss, including notification of items shared with you, community activity, relevant results from « My Search Filters, » and more. It’s found at the top of your Edelweiss homepage, or dashboard:


You’ll see 4 areas: NotificationsCatalogsTitles, and Tags.

Notifications will alert you to « Friend Invites, » any time a sales rep has shared a markup with you, and other shared items, including shared tags, etc. You’ll be able to mark these alerts read in order to keep this as current and relevant as possible:


The Catalogs area will show catalogs you’ve added to your Work List, catalogs you’ve tagged, recently viewed, etc. There will also be a place to see your relevant Collections. Click on a number to see the relevant lists.

Titles will help you keep track of relevant tags, shelf activity and reviews, DRC’s you’ve requested or downloaded, and which of your My Search Filters have found relevant titles.

Tags will show links to your personal TagsPublisher Tags (provided in markups), as well as your Catalog Folders.

Note that each of these elements is customizable. So, you can choose to see them or not by checking or un-checking the box next to each element, and set a time frame attached to each element by clicking the down arrow. Just click the Tools icon shown in the upper right corner of the dashboard lane to get there: