On August 15, your account was redirected to Edelweiss+.

Edelweiss+ has all the functionality of the legacy version but it also has MORE –  more visual cues, more search refinements, more customization options, and more business intelligence. Behind-the-scenes, it’s also built on a stronger platform that enables better performance.

Since we launched Edelweiss+ last year, we’ve gathered lots of user feedback and have made a great number of enhancements to the functionality and design to improve the user experience. For example, for reps, we’ve made significant improvements to markups and printing capability.

Currently, the majority of booksellers are already on Edelweiss+, and we will be actively migrating the rest over the next two months. All of your contacts from the classic version are available in Edelweiss+. During the transition, we’ve created a temporary tool to import active orders from legacy into Edelweiss+. Learn more about it here.

We encourage you to login now to Edelweiss+ and spend a couple minutes getting comfortable with the updated design and navigation!